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MENTAL HEALTH & wellbeing

Mental health requires no introduction, yet it remains an ‘open secret’ and taboo amongst our community, so much so that it prevents people from seeking the much-needed help, support and care they so desperately need.

Browse through our self help guides and information, we've put together with the help of industry professionals.


What is mental HEALTH?

Mental health is very important. Knowing the difference between good mental health and ill mental health can help you live a better life. Good mental health is when you think happy, feel happy and act happy in life.


You can sometimes have poor mental health where you might struggle with the way you’re thinking, feeling, or managing life. It can feel worse than a physical illness.


Breathing exercises


Explore different breathing methods, to help you with wellbeing and mental health, including...

  • Belly or diaphragmatic breathing

  • Box breathing

  • Conscious breathing

how can you spot poor mental health?

Signs of Poor Mental Health.PNG

Low mood? Anxious? Tiredness? Lack of energy? Constant Guilt? 

These are just a few signs of poor mental health. Download our PDF for more information on common signs.

Healthy toast toppings

wellbeing: healthy eating

Maintaining a healthy diet and overall wellbeing is crucial for optimal physical and mental health. 

Eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients, staying physically active, getting enough rest, and managing stress can all contribute to a healthier lifestyle.



A collection of self help videos created by TalkPlus, including some popular everyday challenges, including anxiety, depression, ways of challenging unhelpful thinking, and many more

looking to make a donation?

As a charitable organisation, the Gurdwara depends greatly on the generosity of donations from our community (Sangat).  Your donation will help us continue our seva and serve those in need. 

Neurodiversity support group?

Following on from the Mental Health and Wellbeing events, a group is being set up to support people with disabilities and their families. They will also be aiming to raise awareness with the Sangat. 

The newly formed group will be speaking on Sundays starting from 18th June, @ 10.30am, following the Ardas and Hukamnama. 

Working closely with local charities


Confidential Counselling for South Warwickshire

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