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Living with wisdom


A brand-new FREE group-learning course to help you answer life's biggest questions!

This 10 session course has been carefully crafted by the charity Nanak Naam and is for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves, understand their emotions and explore new ideas about life and for anyone wanting to live a life of wisdom and inner peace.

The course is intended to provide you with practical steps, exercises, meditations and questions to help deepen your knowledge and understanding of life using spirituality as your foundation.

We would encourage you to go through this course with a group of friends, family members or like minded spiritual beings, where you can learn and exchange ideas together. 


The free course content is as follows:

1. What is my life about?

2. Does true happiness exist?

3. How can I be a better person?

4. Why do I never have enough time?

5. Why does life let me down?

6. How can I improve my relationships?

7. Can I stop my negative thoughts?

8. How do I calm my mind?

9. Am I ready for death?

10. Can I find peace in my life?

Image by Mel Poole


Join the journey of answering life's biggest questions!


how much does the course cost? its completely free, just time and commitment to attend 

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