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Awakening & meditating

Wellbeing course with Baljit Singh

 Live more consciously and build practices into daily life that will enhance wellbeing. 

Awakening and meditating and Leamginton Gurdwara

Where: Gurdwara Sahib Leamington & Warwick - Hall 3


When: 6 Sessions across 6 Fridays at 7pm till 9pm


  • Friday 16th June

  • Friday 23rd June

  • Friday 30th June

  • Friday 7th June

  • Friday 21st July

  • Friday 28th July

Course Structure

Week one - Introduction to course - Basic interpretation of the mool-mantar (root-mantra) - Provide a short explanation to different types of meditations - Jap Meditation, mantar repetition, contemplating the Guru's wisdom. - Sound meditation - Primal sound based on Baavan Akhri - Negating what I am not - Based on first shand of Jaap Sahib - Silent (stillness) meditation (sunn), exploring lines from Sidh Gost - Meditation Practice

Journey of compassion

Week two - Awareness, Authenticity, Acceptance & Prayer - Becoming aware of current state - What it means to live more authentically - Difference between outer & inner acceptance - How to accept current reality - What is prayer and how utilise it in an effective way - Meditation Practice

Week three - Gratitude & Awe - How to practice gratitude through becoming aware of the Creator's grace - How to deepen your experience of gratitude journaling - Sharing scientific studies on the benefits of practicing gratitude - Guided gratitude meditation (practice). - What it means to be in a state of Wonder - Looking at recent studies showing the benefits of experiencing awe - How to start experiencing the state of awe - Meditation Practice

Week four - Devotion - What is devotion? - What keertan? - How to start practicing devotion - Becoming more playful & joyful - Bringing devotion into everyday life - Meditation Practice

Week five - Inner qualities, Character building - Providing definitions for positive and negative qualities - Exploring qualities that support our wellbeing and have a negative effect on our wellbeing - How to build positive qualities into our lives - Guided Compassion Meditation - Meditation Practice

Week 6 - Discipline, Consistency, Sangat, Community - Recap on previous weeks - How to start building practices into our life - The importance of creating a dedicated space - What is sangat and what it means to be a part of a community - Meditation Practice

Baljit Singh

Each session will be at least 2 hours long which will be split into two parts:


1hr 10mins - Presentation/Interactive talk and q&a - Attendees to be seated on chairs if possible

Break - 15mins

35mins - Guided meditation seated on floor including q&a


35mins Guided Meditation


They will learn:

  • Guided meditation that consists of learning a simple stretch and a couple of different sitting postures.

  • Some breath work to help release tension and relax their body.

  • How to become aware of their breath and take the breath deeper expanding the diaphragm.

  • Oang sound meditation.

  • Silence

  • Mool-mantar in a meditative style.

  • Slow focused gur-mantar.

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